1:1 Coaching-

Unlock Your Potential with the 3-Step AMPlified Process!

With our three step method the focus isn't about what the scale is doing but about increasing your energy, strength and confidence in becoming the BEST version of yourself.

Some benefits include:

Weekly check-ins

24/7 Chat support

An AWESOME community

Monthly group calls

Phase 1- Awakening Phase

This phase is focused on metabolic restoration. Increasing your energy, recovery and is the foundation of building a healthier lifestyle and creating results for life.

— BOOST metabolism

— Improve energy

— Confidently fuel your body

Phase 2- Momentum Phase

This is where your initial goal, whether it be fat loss or muscle growth is ready to ROCK AND ROLL!

With a primed metabolism you're going to see results like you have never seen before


-Build Muscle

-Shed Body Fat

-Feel like the BA you are!

Phase 3- Practical Application

This is where we make sure the knowledge and new habits you have worked so hard continue to be your new LIFESTYLE. 

Feel empowered and know you have truly AMPlified your life for good!




How to qualify for 1:1 Coaching

  • Ability to strength train and prior workout experience (must have access to rack, barbell, plates, dumbbells)

  • An understanding of nutrition and food, prior tracking experience is preferred but not a necessity to qualify


    I can only help you help yourself, you have to show up for yourself, prioritize your health journey and WANT to make the changes to reach your goals.

    I can guide, educate and hold you accountable but I cant do the work for you. Its the honest truth, I so badly WANT you to succeed but you have to want it as bad as I do!


Fitness and nutrition coaching bundle:


$200 one time registration

$300 a month

*4 month minimum requirement

6 Month Paid in full:


12 Month Paid in full:


Investing in your health now will save you from the burden of countless prescriptions later. It's the honest truth. If you're ready to feel confident in your own skin, ditch the diet culture, conquer food anxiety, and build the strongest version of yourself, then LET'S GO!

"I feel really good about myself! Those little wins make all the difference and this is really becoming a lifestyle."


"The education I have received has changed my life. I started out wanting to feel better now I want to see how strong I can become! I'm just getting started."


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