About Me:

Hey, I'm Astasia, and I'm really glad you're here to join me on this journey towards building a stronger, more confident you!

Here's a bit about my story...

Back in 2012, I got hit with the news that I had Crohn's disease, and let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Before that, I was feeling drained, down in the dumps, and struggling with everyday life. I kept going back to the doctors hoping for a solution, but all they could offer were more pills.

Feeling like I was just surviving each day was tough. So, I decided to take control. I started researching, connecting with others in similar situations, and slowly but surely, things began to change.

Now, fast forward to today,

I've managed to cut back on my meds a lot, now only needing one, and I'm feeling better than ever. I'm back to enjoying the outdoors, hiking, snowmobiling, and even competing in powerlifting events!

It wasn't an easy road, but taking charge of my health was the best decision I ever made.

This whole experience inspired me to help others find their own path to feeling great. Whether it's through eating better, getting active, or just taking better care of themselves, I'm here to help you AMPlify your life!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, I've got some certifications under my belt:

Massage Therapy

Nutrition Coaching NCI1

Personal Training NCEP

Mindset NCI

and more...

PS: Fun fact – I have a long history in the medical field, having worked as a diagnostic imaging tech in X-ray and CT for the past 13 years! (RTR C.T. ARRT)